Creative workflow

So Jessica Abel proposes that we get more done if we focus for a full day (eight hours) on one creative project rather than split it among lots of creative projects. That makes sense – it takes time to transition from one headspace/project to another (logically and psychologically) and to really get into the project.

As per Jessica’s guidelines, I’m designating 6-9 weeks for this project – I’m aiming that in this time I can do research and pre-production up to prototype stage. At the moment, I can designate about 12-15 hours per week to the project. This will be split across the week with more concentrated effort and hours on Fridays. I’m not sure this will be enough to create momentum but unfortunately it’s all I have to work with right now. By week the project and I are likely to require a more focused timeline and milestones!

I’m tallying up some time today (Friday) to:
Research (3 hours): AR books, technology (this is a big one!) and studies.
Create (2 hours): Develop an initial schematic UX diagram of the book.

and start this blog! (1 hour)


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