New Project: AR childrens book

This marks the first day of a new project – an AR children’s book. I’ve decided to blog as a way of documenting my creative process and workflow and record my research.

First off, it’s important to say that it was not easy for me to decide what project to focus on. I’ve have many creative ideas and projects vying for attention and priority (for years now) and these projects stand in varying semblances of completion. When I recently attended the One Goal To Rule Them All online workshop with Jessica Abel, Lecturer in Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts I achieved what Jessica calls ‘creative focus’. In Jessica’s workshop (held on we explored tools and techniques for prioritising creative project ideas. I had a sheet full of ideas and through the process I’ve decided to focus on this one idea for the next 6-9 weeks – the development of a mixedmedia AR childrens book using both print and digital media.

Or so the plan goes, but let’s see what emerges in the development phase…


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